About Me

My name is David. I write about science. 

I earned a Master's degree in Geosciences with a Vertebrate Paleontology concentration, and I've done my fair share of fossil-hunting, lab work, and paleo research. But my passion is for science communication; I've taught classes, worked public outreach at museums, and written science articles online, and that is all the best stuff.

As a freelance writer, I am a regular contributor for Earth Touch News, and have written for several other publications. For links to my professional articles, check out My Writing

I also co-host the Common Descent Podcast with my friend and colleague Will Harris. We chat about paleontology, earth history, and evolution, and engage with our growing listener-base as much as possible!

The Meniscus blog started as an outlet for my various thoughts and fascinations. Most of what I write here is focused on fossils and evolution. It's my personal writing playground, though I've written less often recently, as I've been doing more professional writing.

If you want to know more, follow me on Twitter @DMos150, or email me at DMoscato150@gmail.com.