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Below is a selection of my writing:

Science Writer at Earth Touch News (2016-Present). Selected pieces listed here:
11/1/2016 - The Nasty Eating Habits of Prehistory's Meanest Fish
9/1/2016 - Can the Great Auk Return From Extinction?
8/10/2016 - One Man's Incredible Collection of Fossilized Poop
8/9/2016 - The Ancient Marine Reptile That Turned Into a Reef
6/30/2016 - These Giant Stone Spheres are Out of This World - But Not Literally
4/24/2016 - For the First Time, We've Peered Into a Prehistoric Creature's Stony Heart
A longer list of my recent articles can be found on my Contributor Page.

The Atlantic
11/7/2016 - The Advantages of T. rex's Awkward Teen Years
2/2/2016 - The Many Mysteries of Uranus.

PLOS Paleo Community Blog (Guest)
11/15/2016 - Did A Strong Tail Give Early Land-Invaders A Leg Up?

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